How Solar Software Can Save The World

Jake Saper, an investor from Emergence Capital outlines an exciting emerging ecosystem of SaaS providers focused on the distributed generation (DG) opportunity created by the rise of solar and energy storage. 

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15 For 2015: Women In Cleantech

As 2015 comes to a close, the Energy Excelerator team would like to recognize our fellow innovators paving the way for the next generation of cleantech leaders.

Women apply here: fixing the gender issue

Kirsch supports women through the incubator, but also informally through specialized networks meant to connect up-and-coming leaders in the field.



"While the cost of solar hardware, like panels, has dropped over 80% in the past 5 years, solar soft costs like financing, generating leads, and acquiring those leads as customers remain high. In fact, for residential installations, 64% of the cost is not in hardware, but in soft costs. It is time to hack the sun."


Intersolar North America 2015

"The most popular startup focused event was the Growth Company Circle, dubbed "speed dating for solar." This new, innovative special event, sponsored by SunPower, was produced in partnership with Powerhouse (formerly SfunCube), the world's only incubator and accelerator dedicated to solar. The Circle provided 30 entrepreneurs with an opportunity to connect with 30 investors and potential customers."


SfunCube Solar Startup Incubator Rebrands as Powerhouse

“As we grow and scale to be the entrepreneurial leader in a solar power world, we need a name that people can say. So, I’m here to announce tonight that SfunCube is rebranding … from tonight forward, SfunCube will become Powerhouse.”


Solar Industry Jump-Starts a Revival in California

“The real aim is to create a place that inspires the kinds of ‘creative collisions’ that allow for further innovation to speed adoption of solar energy”


On Its 60th Birthday, Solar PV Has Become a Major Contender

“Beyond the bright colors and fun accoutrements, I was struck by the sheer diversity of solar-related activities that these young businesses are targeting.”

Google will now help you get solar on your roof

"Pretty Visible is a new startup, out of the Oakland-based incubator SfunCube, which takes a community-focused web approach to solar information."

Legendary Solar Entrepreneur Tom Dinwoodie Acquires Sunible Inc.

“This is what SfunCube is all about – nurturing solar startups so that they can grow and succeed, and make a difference in our industry.”


Enphase Sponsors SfunCube Solar Hackathon 2015

"'We are excited to sponsor the SfunCube Solar Hackathon because it serves as an excellent venue to share our software and business insights with like-minded people who wish to have a positive impact on our planet,' said Ilén Zazueta-Hall"

Intersolar North America 2015 Concludes with High Traffic and High Value Business Deals

“The Intersolar Growth Company Circle cohosted with SfunCube was an exceptional opportunity for investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs to meet.”

Solar Women Summer Series: Emily Kirsch, SfunCube, CEO & Co-Founder

”The reason solar will continue to dominate is that it’s a technology not a fuel. It is becoming better, faster, and cheaper than any alternative.”

Clean Tech Seen as Game Changer for Women in Energy Sector

"Emily Kirsch, co-founder of solar incubator SfunCube, said that often the decision to purchase solar panels is made by women, so working with another woman when installing solar is beneficial.”

SfunCube: Lighting the Way for Solar Innovation in California

"SfunCube hones in on a single industry – solar – allowing them to provide the best business development advisors, policy expertise, and synergistic community to solar entrepreneurs.”

First-ever District-level Jobs Census Finds Strong Solar Growth in California

“In just over a year, SfunCube has grown from two start-up companies employing 10 people, to a dozen early stage start-ups employing nearly 50.”

Solar IQ Rises As Costs Fall

“Mosaic, Billy Parish and Daniels Rosen’s crowdfunding startup, is now the leading online marketplace for connecting individual investors to profitable solar investments and was spawned from an early iteration of the SFUN cube.”