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Apply - Acc










Apply - Acc









+ What’s the process for submitting my application?

The Powerhouse accelerator runs twice a year, from January to June, and July to December. To participate in the program, you must be based in or willing to re-locate to the Bay Area. Applications for the 2017 Fall cohort are now closed.

When the next cohort's application opens, please be sure to include all required content listed below. Click on each item below for details.

After the inital screening, we will invite applicants that seem most promising to meet us and our Selection Committee at our HQ in Oakland.

Once accepted to the program, we write your check halfway through the program. This ensures that if you flop within the first three months, we don’t lose our cash.

After graduating the Accelerator Program you can join our Incubator, as many accelerator grads have, and continue to call Powerhouse your solar+ startup home.

Application Content

1. Summary of Deliverables

10 slides (one slide per number below - 15 slide max)

20 minute presentation (if asked to present in person)

30 point font (minimum)

2. Title

Startup Name and Logo, Your Name, Title, Email, Cell

What do you do? (In 140 characters or less)

3. Problem and Opportunity

What pain are you alleviating?

What are you enabling that people couldn't do before?

4. Value Prop

How do you turn your customers' pain into pleasure?

What do you sell?

Summarize your value prop in one sentence including what, how, and for whom

5. Underlying Magic

Describe the technology (what's your secret sauce?)

Show prototype / demo

How far along is your product (alpha, beta, in customers’ hands)?

How long have you been working on it?

What points of product traction do you hope to achieve in the next 6 months?

How many users do you have?

6. Business Model

How will/do you make money?

Who pays you?

What are your channels of distribution?

What are your gross margins?

What is your total addressable market?

Who's using your product?

7. Go to Market Plan

How will you reach your customers?

What are your marketing leverage points?

8. Competitive Analysis

Who are your current or likely competitors? Include key differentiators.

9. Management Team

Key Players

Differentiate between full time and part time

What is your team’s domain expertise in this area?

How long have the founders known one another?

Expected hires in the next 12 months

Board of Directors

Board of Advisors

Major Investors

10. Financial Projections and Key Metrics

3-5 Year Forecast

Dollars and key metrics including number of customers and conversion rates

11. Current Status

Accomplishments to date

Intellectual property status

Timeline for capital raise

Use of funds

12. Supporting Documents

3-5 Year Financial Model (required)

Income Statement & Balance Sheet (if applicable)

Five References (required)

Name, Title, Company, Email, Phone

Founder Team Resumes (required)

Limit one page each

60 second video (required)

Introduce yourself. Explain what you’re doing and why. Tell us what you want us to know about you and your startup. Upload it to youtube; you can mark it as unlisted but don’t mark it as private or disallow embedding. Video should be just the founders talking and nothing else. Make sure we can hear you.